Year: 3

Site: St. Cecilia’s Hall

Designed as part of the design exploration program. We were asked to devise our own brief for an architectural proposal on the current site of St.Cecilia’s Hall on the Cowgate, Edinburgh.

This studio encouraged a subversive investigation into the theme of gastronomy, as a generative tactic in the development of an overall strategy for architectural intervention. In this regard, it did two things:

1. Provided a thematic field for us to conceptualise and materialise architectural form (food components, utensils, elements, phenomena – smoke, steam, fire, bubbles, froth, sparks, blood, flesh, colour, etc)

2. It demystified computation and the language of script writing by making it analogous to recipe adaptation, writing and cooking – every recipe may be summarised into a set of ingredients, utensils and heating or cooling conditions; by way of analogy, the same may be said of every script.


:Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon

:CJ. Lim’s ‘Nocturnal Pig Tower’

:Kibwe Tavares’ ‘Robots of Brixton’

:George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’

:George Orwell’s ‘1984’

:Berlage Institute 2011-2012.Anarcity studio

I aim to create an architecture which comments on three issues:

- Panoptic nature of society

- Ignored social divisions/exclusions (Racial hatred)

- Economic Greed (Mass unemployment)

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